Spinnaker Capital Group

Spinnaker Capital Group's principal business is Emerging Markets investment management. Its funds invest in all classes of sovereign and corporate securities and related products, across all regions of the Emerging Markets.

The group manages four investment funds.

Spinnaker Global Emerging Markets Fund

A multi-strategy fund investing primarily in global Emerging Markets securities and related derivatives and other products via: foreign exchange, local rates and equity indices; hard currency sovereign, quasi-sovereign and corporate credits; and marketable, idiosyncratic event-driven, distressed and special situations investments predominantly in credit, but which may also include equity. The Fund also pursues an active hedging policy of both dynamic risks and tail events

Spinnaker Global Opportunity Fund

A Global Emerging Markets Macro fund, investing primarily in Global Emerging Markets securities and related derivatives, mainly in Macro Fixed Income (foreign exchange, local rates and sovereign credit). The Fund may also invest in equity. The Fund will utilise long/short strategies where appropriate, and will also pursue an active hedging policy of both dynamic risks and tail events.

Spinnaker Global Special Situations Fund

A Global Special Situations Fund, using a private equity-style fund structure. It invests mainly in EM distressed and special situation opportunities. The Fund’s focus is on secondary market purchases of loans and bonds, funding gap situations and distressed situations and restructurings, and it also has ability to originate debt and other investments. It invests primarily in debt although investment may also be made in equity and equity-linked investments. 

Spinnaker Emerging Markets Macro Fund

A Global Emerging Markets Macro UCITS fund, investing primarily in Emerging Markets currencies, domestic interest rates, and sovereign debt